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Portree Parish Church Sunday School

Sunday School 

Our Sunday School is now back up and running after the Covid break.

We are a small group but we have fun together and like the loaves and fishes in the hands of Jesus we find that despite our smallness we are a blessing to many.

A typical Sunday morning starts with the Leaders ( who’ve all gone through Church of Scotland Safeguarding training) and the children meeting in the front row of the Church. We listen to the intimations and then one of the Sunday School teachers gives a short talk to the children. We sing a children’s song or hymn and then go out to the Church Hall for a lesson.

A typical lesson will include some singing, some actions and some drama all round a story or theme from the Bible. We often end with drawing or craft work.

This year we have looked at Faith (the life of Abraham and Sarah), the book of Acts, the fruit of the Spirit and the lives of various Kings in the Bible. We have also created a wall frieze with all our pictures from these lessons.

Please feel free to join us. You will be most welcome and parents and Guardians are always welcome to stay in with us if they want.

Best Wishes from the team, 

Meghan and Colin.

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