Portree Parish Church Sunday School

The Sunday School meets every Sunday during the school term. They meet initially in the Church before moving to the Church Hall.

Over the past year our numbers have reduced slightly due to quite a few of the children becoming of the age to attend Youth Fellowship instead of Sunday School. In saying that those who do attend, do so regularly, and with the Youth Fellowship now meeting at the same time at the Sunday School, it gives us a greater opportunity to have a crossover between the groups and age groups as well.

We continue to take a relatively relaxed approach to the lessons, and in line with many of the practices being introduced at the Primary Schools, like to work on a pupil lead learning basis, however we do include parables and lessons which relate to the Children’s address where possible and are keen to encourage more of a crossover between the two, as we have found that this seems to be received well.

We usually open each term with a session which allows the children to put forward suggestions and ideas of what they would like to cover during that term. This has been very successful over the past couple of years, as out of this we have had the suggestions for the Christmas Card and Calendar sales in the previous years.

The Sunday School is actively involved in the church services and especially in the Children’s address, and would note that the Ministers idea of setting a task for the Children has been very well received. Similarly the children all enjoy participating in the family services periodically throughout the year.

The Christmas Service and Mothering Sunday involvement was very well received.

The children also regularly prepare and submit articles for the Church Magazine, and often do so in their own free time, on their own incentive, although we are keen to help and support them when asked.

Nativity Play 2014

We are at present working on an article for the next Church Magazine about the Mary Slessor Competition which is presently being run by the Church of Scotland, and which all the Children have entered. The purpose is to raise the awareness of Mary Slessor and the good work that she did at home in Scotland as well as, as a missionary in Africa.

We would again like to thank the congregation for the generous support we continue to receive and have received  over the past few years especially with regards to fund raising, Sunday School outings to the Pantomime, and Parties to mention but a few things. We are also grateful to the members of the congregation who have volunteered their time and support to assist on Sunday Mornings, as well as at the organised events such as Soup and Pudding lunches.

In the Sunday School account at present, which is maintained under the watchful care of Kay MacKinnon, Colin and Sarah Reeve, there is a sum which we hope to use for books for Prize-giving later in the year, together with perhaps a local outing, if possible. We have previously held film nights which Angela Smith expertly organises on our behalf, and which all concerned thoroughly enjoy. We are hoping to organise another one for this term, if we can find an evening when everyone is free.

In the incoming year, we are hoping to arrange another few fundraising events, with one suggestion being for a bring and buy sale/ coffee morning which again the children were very enthusiastic about, as well as possibly another lunch for some local charities.

Noah's Ark