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Our Praise :  :  Normally at our morning services the items of Praise are taken from Church Hymnary Third Edition (CH) and those at evening services are taken from Mission Praise (MP).

If you feel more comfortable sitting during the items of praise, please feel free to do so.

Crèche:    There is a crèche in the Church Hall behind the Church if anyone wishes to leave their children there during the morning service.

Sunday School & Youth Fellowship

Due to the school holiday weekend there is no Sunday School or Youth Fellowship today.

The groups meet every Sunday during the school term.   Sunday School meets initially in the Church before moving to the Church Hall. 

The Ladies’ Bible Study Group meets in the Church Hall on Tuesdays from 10.30 am to 12.00 noon.   All ladies welcome.


The Prayer Fellowship meets in the Manse at 7.00 pm each Tuesday evening.   All are welcome to attend.


Pastoral Visits :  The Minister asks that he would be kept informed of any member of the congregation who is ill, in hospital or would welcome a visit from him.


New Communicant Members :   Any Adherent who would wish to become a full communicant member of the church should speak to the Minister at the end of the service or contact him by telephone.   We would dearly love to see more Adherents take up full communicant membership of the church and take Communion on 21 April.


Church MagazineArticles for the Easter / Spring edition of the Church magazine can now be handed in.     It would be appreciated if articles could be typed and either placed in the Magazine Folder in the Vestibule or, preferably, emailed to the editor at     Handwritten articles can still be placed in the folder.


Congregational Board & Kirk Session : A joint meeting of the Board and Kirk Session to consider the Church Accounts for 2018 will be held in the Manse at 7.00 pm on Thursday 21 February with a meeting of Session following thereafter.

Minutes and Agenda are available today.


Scottish Parliament Visit to SkyeThe Scottish parliament’s Community Outreach Team will visit Skye at the end of February / start of March (exact date to be confirmed) to meet with members of the public to discuss their views on the Children (Equal Protection from Assault) (Scotland) Bill  sometimes referred to in the media as the “smacking ban”.

If anyone from the church might be willing to meet with the MSPs on the Committee please give their name to Bill.


Greetings and Intimations

Hymn     CH    97      Father, lead me, day by day             

Reading                       Isaiah 2 : 1 - 4                          (Pew Bible Page 686)

Hymn      CH  312      Behold ! the mountain of the Lord




Reading                       Matthew 5 : 9                         (Pew Bible Page 968)                                                                                                                                                              

Hymn      CH  504      O God of love, O King of peace        


Hymn      CH  508      Almighty Father, who dost give       




Greetings and Intimations

Hymn  MP  200          Great is Thy faithfulness                              



Reading                       Ecclesiastes 12                          (Pew Bible Page 677)


Hymn  MP  327          Immortal, invisible, God only wise                          


Intimations – Sunday 17 February 2019

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