Intimations – Sunday 28 June 2015

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Portree Parish Church Montage

After Morning Worship Fellowship : After Morning Worship today     Tea , Coffee, Juice and biscuits will be served in the Church. Please stay behind for as long or short a time as you can manage and enjoy a time of fellowship with other members of the congregation and with visitors to our church.

Crèche:  There is a crèche in the Church Hall behind the Church if anyone wishes to leave their children there during the morning service.

Sunday School and Youth Fellowship close today for the Summer holiday period. They will next meet on Sunday 23 August.

The Ladies’ Bible Study Group meets in the Church Hall on Tuesday from 10.30 am to 12.00 noon.   All ladies welcome. This will be the last meeting of the group before the Summer recess. The group will next meet on Tuesday 25 August

The Prayer Fellowship will meet in the Church Hall at 7.00 pm each Tuesday evening   All are welcome to attend.

Congregational Board : A meeting of the Congregational Board will be held in the Manse at 7.30 pm on Thursday 2 July.

New Communicant Members :   Any Adherent who would wish to become a full communicant member of the church should speak to the Minister at the end of the service or contact him by telephone.   We would dearly love to see more Adherents take up full communicant membership of the church and take Communion on Sunday 02 August.

AMWF Tea Rota : Rota for the second half of the year is available in the Front Vestibule.

Church & Society Newsletter : Copies of the latest newsletter are available in the Front Vestibule.

Church Magazine : Although the next edition of the magazine will not be published until late November / early December, it is never too soon to submit articles, prayers, stories etc. These may be placed in the Magazine Folder in the Front Vestibule. Articles may also be emailed to Trevor Dee at or Jon Farr at



Greetings and Intimations

Chinese Visitors

Hymn   CH    83      Rock of Ages, cleft for me                                         

Readings                      Psalm 71 : 16 – 24             (Pew Bible Page 585)

                                    Matthew 7 : 24 – 29        (Pew Bible Page 972)

Young People’s Presentation 

Action Song


Salm 23 (See back page)



Closing Address

Hymn   CH    411      My hope is built on nothing less                              




Greetings and Intimations

Hymn  MP                                                     



Reading                       Mark 7 : 24 – 37      (Pew Bible Page 1010)


Hymn  MP                             





Salm 23

Is e Dia fhèin as buachaill dhomh,

Cha bhi m ann an dìth

Bheir e fa-near gun laighinn sìos

Air cluainean glas’le sìth


Is fòs ri taobh nan aibhnichean

Thèid seachad sìos gu mall

A ta e ga mo thròrachadh

Gu mìn rèidh anna gach ball


Tha ‘g aiseag m’anam dhomh air ais

‘s a’ treòrachadh mo cheum

Air slighean glan’ na fireantachd

Air sgàth dheagh ainme fhèin


Seadh, fòs ged ghluaisinn eadhon trìd

Ghlinn dorca sgàil a’bhàis

Aon olc no urchuid a theachd orm

Chan eagal leam ‘s cha chàs