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"I to the hills will lift mine eyes...the isles shall wait upon me"

Intimations – Sunday 24 August 2014

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Greetings and Intimations

Children’s Address

Hymn   CH    418      Jesus loves me !                                                          

Reading                       Joshua 24 : 1,2, 14 – 18       Pew Bible Page 240)

Hymn   CH    77      Father of heaven                   




Reading                       John 6 : 60 – 71                 (Pew Bible Page 1071)                                        

Hymn   CH    462      Take my life, and let it be                             


Hymn  CH     442      Fight the good fight                                    





Greetings and Intimations

Hymn    MP                                      



Reading                       Proverbs 30 : 5 – 9            (Pew Bible Page 666)


Hymn    MP                                                  



After Morning Worship Fellowship : After Morning Worship today     Tea , Coffee, Juice and biscuits will be served in the Church. Please stay behind for as long or short a time as you can manage and enjoy a time of fellowship with other members of the congregation and with visitors to our church.


Crèche:  There is a crèche in the Church Hall behind the Church if anyone wishes to leave their children there during the morning service.


Sunday School & Youth Fellowship resume today following the school holidays.

Sunday Schoolmeets every Sunday during the school term.   They meet initially in the Church before moving to the Church Hall.

Youth Fellowshipmeets in the Church Hall from 7.15 to 8.30 pm each Sunday evening during the school term.


The Ladies’ Bible Study Group meets in the Church Hall on Tuesdays from 10.30 am to 12.00 noon.   All ladies welcome.


The Prayer Fellowship will next meet in the Church Hall at 7.00 pm on Tuesday 2 September.   All are welcome to attend.


Church Coffee Mornings : The final Coffee Mornings of the year will be held on the morning of Thursday 28 August from 10.30 to 12.00. Please support this event.


A Food Bank is not just for Christmas : Please remember that the needs of the less fortunate exist all year round.


Extra-Ordinary God in an Ordinary Life : This one day retreat on the above topic will aim “to discover how we can encounter God in the ordinary stuff of life and meet Him on our everyday paths”.   The day will be held at The Lighthouse, Hilton, Inverness on Saturday 8 November.

If interested, please see the notice in the Front Vestibule for details of cost and registration arrangements.


Kirk Session :A meeting of the Kirk Session will take place in the Manse at 7.30 pm on Thursday 28 August. Copies of Minutes and Agenda are available in the Front Vestibule.


Your Church Magazine :

The Magazine Committee has agreed that the September issue of the magazine should follow a theme of reflections and personal experiences of the First and Second World Wars.

This is to complement the events that have taken place to recognise the gallantry and sacrifice of all who suffered during these troubled times.

We are asking for your support and participation in providing items, memories, stories, pictures etc. Reminiscences, however small, would make interesting reading to us all, through the stirring and sharing of past memories and the contemplation of the consequences of war.

If you prefer just to talk to one of us about your particular experiences or memories, we can meet and record the details on your behalf.

Committee members are Patrick & Jenni Jones, Sandor & Susan,

Bill & Fiona Marshall.


The closing date for articles is Sunday 31 August