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"I to the hills will lift mine eyes...the isles shall wait upon me"

Intimations – Sunday 16 April 2017

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Communion :  Communion will be served at the morning service today.

If  you wish to be served with the Elements please sit in one of the pewswith the white cloths.  If you are unable to do this, please indicate to an Elder from where you are sitting and the Elements will be brought to you.   Those wishing the Common Cup should sit on the organ side of the church and those wishing the Individual Cup should sit on the pulpit side.

After Morning Worship Fellowship : After Morning Worship today     Tea , Coffee, Juice and biscuits will be served in the Church.  Please stay behind for as long or short a time as you can manage and enjoy a time of fellowship with other members of the congregation and with visitors to our church.

Our PraiseNormally at our morning services the items of Praise are taken from Church Hymnary Third Edition (CH3) and those at evening services are taken from Mission Praise (MP).

If you feel more comfortable sitting during the items of praise, please feel free to do so.

Crèche:    There is a crèche in the Church Hall behind the Church if anyone wishes to leave their children there during the morning service.

 Sunday School and Youth Fellowship have closed for the school Easter holiday break.  They both resume on Sunday 7 May.

The Ladies’ Bible Study Group :  The group meets in the Church Hall on Tuesdays from 10.30 am to 12.00 noon.   All ladies welcome.

The group will meet on Tuesday 11 May before closing for the Easter break.  Meetings will resume on Tuesday 2 May.

The Prayer Fellowship :  The group meets in the Manse at 7.00 pm each Tuesday evening.   All are welcome to attend.

Pastoral Visits :  The Minister asks that he would be kept informed of any member of the congregation who is ill, in hospital or would welcome a visit from him.

Christian Aid East Africa Crisis AppealThis is the last day for any donations to this cause.  The donation box can be found in the Vestibule as you are leaving.

Easter Magazine : Folders are now available for distribution.  Please take your folder from the “Beadle’s Pew”.



Greetings and Intimations

Hymn    No.  1                        There is a green hill far away                                   

Reading                       Psalm 118 : 15 – 26                (Pew Bible Page 616)

Hymn    No.  2                        On a hill far away                 




Reading                       John 20 : 1 – 18                   (Pew Bible Page 1089)                                      

Hymn    No.  6                        Jesus keep me near the cross


Hymn    No. 10 v 1-2  He gave His life in selfless love                     


Hymn    No. 10 v 3-4 They heard Him call His Father’s name





Greetings and Intimations

Hymn  MP  755          When I survey the wondrous cross



Reading                       1 Corinthians 15 : 12 – 20    (Pew Bible Page 1155)


Hymn  MP  708          To God be the glory !